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Letter from an United Airline Pilot on XX Marks the Spot
Written November 21, 2006
Ms. Klein,

I am a United Airlines Pilot based in LAX and I have viewed your lighted sculpture on the East face of the LAX Control Tower since it was originally put up. I have marveled at the complexity of the patterns and colors. I don't think I can adequetely discribe the amount of pleasure I have derived from it's simple elegance over the years.

Tonight, after arriving at 17 minutes after midnight from JFK, my First Officer and I were discussing it. Because I couldn't recall it's origin, I felt the need to find out about your inspiration again. I finally got home at 2:30 AM and have been sitting here at my laptop ever since trying to find what I could on the Internet. The best I could do was from the L. A. Department of Airports Public Affairs office, a release which said only:

"On the tower's east face, an oval-shaped art work is illuminated with lights and is the creation of Sheila Klein. It places the tower in its environment with its two-stage lighted scenes. The first is a rendition of a radar scope filled with aircraft, and the second scene shows the El Segundo Blue Butterfly, a species native to LAX's nearby sand dunes."

I was hoping you might direct me to a source that would have more information than about "XX Marks the Spot."

Thank you for your time.