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Dress The World
Yes, I still want to dress the world... I get interested in the interconnectedness of things... uncovering the architectural underpinning of all objects. My early investigations of this theme began after a trip to Asia in the late 1970's. Because of my interest in the sculptural and architectural aspects of jewelry, I was impressed by the connection between the way that people there adorned themselves and the way that they decorated their buildings. That jewelry can be more architectural than buildings. Consequently, the bland urban boxes of Seattle began to look like 'skeletons waiting to be dressed.

As a critic of the city I am both unsparing and benevolent. My photographs and photomontages of urban architecture consistently balance my disappointment at the banality of most urban environments in the United States with my unflaggingly romantic view of the city as a monumental, mythical place. City as a Tabletop(1983) was a way of 'doing voodoo' on these buildings. Towers became teapots or tall drink glasses, or they were draped with tablecloths. I also started decorating buildings with jewelry, a theme expressed in Building Jewelry (1988). Here I pointed out the parallels between the modular, segmented quality of the average skyscraper and that of the average rhinestone bracelet, but where the formers' genesis is humorless and profit-driven, the latter's is sensual and pleasure-driven.