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We're Busy 2006
Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, Washington
This video documents a performance on a loading dock behind the gallery. Using Klein's works - Hassock Column (2001), Tulle Column (2005), and Rain Bonnets (2001) – this performance activated her sculptures, emphasizing the mutability and multitasking ability of art. The loading dock always seemed like a stage to me. I conceived of a performance activating some of my pieces, a kind of process. Take it out. Check it out, put it up, arrange it, rearrange it, transform it. Thinking about columns – hard columns and soft columns – took apart the column looked at and sat down on it. For me art is mixed up in life, a place to act up, respond with, intersect and intervene.

The Props: Hassock Column 2001 Foam, galvanized steel
Size Variable, Each component 19.5" x 24"
Tulle Pillar 2005 Nylon Net, Stainless Steel 96" x 18" x 18"
Rain Bonnets 2001 Polyester and silk organza, steel armature
65" x 15" x 24"

The Players:
Heidi Epstein, Liliana Franz, Amy Gould, Lily Gould, Joni Papp, Sue Roberts, Patty Robison, Ann Chase Stapleton, Judy Tuell
Director, Producer, Instigator: Sheila Klein
Enabler: Linda Gardner
Special thanks : Ries Niemi, Joannah Bryan, Rebar and Torque Niemi, Judy Tuell, Gretchen Harriman