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Dundalk Streetscape 2015
Dundalk Ave, Baltimore, Maryland
Stainless steel yarn buntings, stainless steel fences 30' x 7' x 1'
The Dundalk Avenue Streetscape project begins at the intersection of Dundalk Avenue and Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland The site is both a residential and commercial area. The project includes the renovation and rehabilitation of sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting, and landscaping in an effort to accommodate pedestrians.

The artwork consists of three site integrated elements located in the heart of the project surrounding the intersection of Dundalk and Boston. The idea is to create a hub that enhances both the pedestrian and vehicular experience. Five hairpin lace buntings handmade of stainless steel yarn recall patriotic Americana are placed on cobra head street light poles. Blacksmithed stainless steel median fences and light pole bases complete the civic gesture.