Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2010

The Return is an installation work comprised of iconic household items from my mother's Pittsburgh estate such as assorted tableware and her family's glass chandelier. The chandelier represents both grandeur and tradition while at the same time is a quintessential decorative arts object. The Return examines this dichotomy and explores the relationship between the baubles on the chandelier and the sequins. The sequins are definitely inspired by my mom. She understood bling.

The return creates a center. Two plate glass abstracted hands of my youngest son Torque hold the room. The chandelier was in our home as long as I can remember, a symbol of the comforts of home without the drudgery. The circular shade is constructed of my mother's shirts, my heirloom textiles. The glass sequins are floating just above the floor casting shadows. The sequins of my youth are now more muscular and architectural.