MAC Gallery, Wenatchee, Washington, 2016

The exhibition Site and Set evolved due to the enthusiasm of the art department at the MAC gallery. This solo show uses the building entry and the gallery.

The piece begins in the lobby with 3 Floatzones, sculptures to occupy. They are channel changers, one can meditate or play in them. The formal architecture of the center is punctuated by a series of globe lights that I have reflected on the floor with circular white vinyl stickers.

The gallery is painted with a graphic at the top that frames, sets off and dramatizes the work. Much of my work includes interaction; it's about being in the work as well as seeing it. My work manipulates the familiar and makes the connections between things visible.

Sincere thanks to the Mac Center for the willingness to mount this show.

"I am entranced. It is like entering the quiet side of excitement when a ballet is just starting or the circus in my childhood. Something wonderful is happening before your very eyes. Mysterious and unexpected."

-Heidi Epstein