i.e. gallery, Edison, Washington, 2021

Imagine the world as built by a woman.

I began the flags after the 2016 election. I needed to remake our flag. I try to erase the way the world has been built, taking bits of it and making it new. The slung form is soft and elastic. It's a necklace, a belly, a swag, a suspended and draped arrangement.

All the woven works are made on a frame loom that I made on the wall with pushpins. I wanted to challenge and push the structure of weaving combine it with sewing and capture cloth artifacts between 2 warps.

The crocheted pieces are a continuation of my exploration of architecture and crochet. The grid is the base. Making urban landscape soft, domesticating the urban environment.

I am thinking of an enormous textile world where we are advancing slowly.

This show featured pieces from Flags, Monumemts, and Woman Ascending.