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XX Marks the Spot 1995
Los Angeles International Airport
Stainless steel, rope, curtain wall, runway lights 150' x 75' x 25'
Air Traffic Control Tower at Los Angeles International Airport. XX Marks the Spot is a piece about location: the technological and natural locations - the natural is represented by the egg form of the El Segundo Blue, an endangered butterfly which lives only on the dunes west of the airport. The technical location is represented by the patterns used in air traffic control. The egg spans 2 floors and is filled with 250 runway lights (blue, red, yellow, and white). The computerized lighting program is a 60 second subliminal clock that depicts a different image every second. Occasionally the lights form an abstraction of the butterfly in blue lights. The 150' 12 strand woven "x" cascades from the 15 floor balcony landing on the base building. The double "xx" represents a diagram of flight and is the mysterious "x" for LAX.