Seattle, Washington, 2009
Paint, Recycled Vintage Cobra heads with LED Lights, Steel
Chandeliers 8' x 30' x 22'
Painted surface is approximately 8,000 square feet
Total dimensions: 380' long and 50' wide equaling 19,000 sq ft
Sky Within consists of six chandeliers fabricated from reclaimed vintage cobra head street lights that are suspended above the plaza level on the underside of the train guide way. Located under the light rail elevated guide way, Skywithin is an alternative street.

The installation provides an atmosphere of weather simulated by light and color on a painted architectural graphic that is wrapped over the guideway concrete structure. Chandeliers made from cobra head roadway lights hang beneath a concrete girder that visually threads the guideway together. The lights on the chandeliers are turned upward, and their harsh roadway lighting is replaced with LED light fixtures. Their ever-changing light program washes over the ceiling's painted graphics to creating a changing mood. The installation provides amenities to the site by creating light, interest, and order. The guideway is an arcade to place—a sky within.

Partners: STart - Sound Transit Art Program, Ishler Design & Engineering, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design