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Leopard Sky 2005
Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas
Arrival Roadway, Terminal E, 50,000 sq. ft
Leopard Sky is an architectural installation of sequined aluminum panels, mirrors, and lights at the Bush Intercontinental Airport Roadway in Houston, Texas. It is an environmental concept for the Airport's 50,000 square foot arrival roadway. The roadway ceiling is leopard print rendered as architecture through a series of suspended panels used to create the dark spots seen in a leopards body pattern or textile print. The work features 55 shapely aluminum panels that have been cut into spots, painted black, and studded with parking lot safety mirrors and light fixtures in matching 24-inch round convex shapes and arranged in an undulating fashion throughout the roadway. Painted on the ceiling behind these panels is a super graphic of the remaining portion of the leopard print with yellow shadows and denim striations. Leopard Sky creates a dramatic transition environment that is an ever-changing instant replay of everything that is going on in the roadway. It is a kinetic sculpture without moving parts.

"Sheila Klein's Leopard Sky was among the 21 works selected by Art in America Magazine as being among the country's best 2004 public art projects."
– Houston Chronicle