Sound Transit, Transportation Station, Tukwila, WA, 2014
Architectural and Landscape
22' x 55' x 84'
The project is sited on a triangular space created by the roadway into the station and adjacent to the ancillary building. The objectives of the piece were to make a signature entry of landscape, light, and sculpture. The idea was to use the elements that needed to be there with the intention of creating a dramatic play between the geometry of the skin of the building, the landscape, bioswale, and reflective crown. The crown sits atop the ancillary building, with its striped skin reflecting the sky and landscape. The piece is inspired by formal gardens, that employ dramatic graphic devices, edged beds, strong geometries, and playful site lines. The project aims to do this with a contemporary feel. The piece can be enjoyed on an intimate and a territorial level, having both daytime and nighttime personalities. It is viewed from vehicles, the tracks, bus stop, and parking area.

"Imaginary Landscape" is located at an ancillary building of the Tukwila Station, creating a landmark for the site. The mix of color, light and materials create energy and visual excitement for visitors to the station. The artwork consists of four elements: sculpture, surface treatment, landscape, and lighting. Starting with a planting bed and bioswale at the base of the ancillary building, five rows of red-twig dogwood reach out toward the curb in a finger-like pattern. The dogwoods are contrasted with colored mulch and seasonal bulbs that surround each row. The red shrubs give way to striped building skin. The top of the building is capped with a stainless steel "crown" with mirrored jewels that reflect the sky. Each element is highlighted by lighting, giving the overall work a dramatic and memorable feel. The piece draws on formal gardens, employing the use of graphic devices: edged beds, strong geometric patterning, and playful sight lines. The crown consists of parking mirrors and custom black smithed stainless steel crenellated top. The piece is double sided, viewed from a large station and parking area. the piece creates importance for an ancillary but central space in a vast multi modal site.

Partners: Sound Transit, Hewitt Architects, KPFF Consulting Engineers