Seattle, Washington, 2007
Painted 10-acre Park n' Ride under I-5
24' x 240' x 840'
The 10-acre park and ride was painted with simple shapes to carve the space. The idea was to minimize the darkness and chaos of the space and accentuate the architecture of the overpass. The gray concrete colonnades are given a graphic identity that creates a new order: shapeliness and direction to the passage. As one moves through the space, the painting becomes sculpture. The painted shapes give direction and center to the space.

Drawing from parking lot vernacular (white stripes/blue handicap/yellow curbs), the lot was painted with a soft graphic. The white gloss circles take a bite out of the columns and make a series of receding moon shapes, making the space more luminous performing as low-tech light reflectors. The green ovals act as a graphic landscape to blend with the few trees that surround the site. The 12' tall blue slots create openings in the columns and reinforce the 65th Street corridor. The yellow-painted columns with central non-painted ovals transform the concrete, creating shapely colonnades.

Partners: 4Culture