New Trade Route

In 2007, Sheila Klein went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a family adventure with her husband and kids. They fell in love with Capital Federal and impulsively bought an apartment.

Exploring the neighborhood shops on that first trip, Sheila found stacks of beautiful cotton cleaning cloths in the Supermercado. They were soft, unbleached and looked handwoven. So Sheila bought a bunch of them and made herself a jacket. “I sold the jacket right off my body, three times,” Sheila says. New Trade Route was born.

The line was launched in 2008 with a small series of trunk shows. Since that time, Sheila has expanded and refined the line. Each garment is designed to take advantage of the natural properties of the fabric — its woven texture, simple stripes, soft selvage finishes and sensual drape.

The clothes are made by artisans in Bow, a community in Washington State’s Skagit Valley. Pieces are made in small quantities with nearly zero waste and top quality finishing. They are garment washed and are exceedingly comfortable, elegant, versatile and look great on a wide variety of people.

Sheila Klein

"Taking things from there to here, from here to there, and back again"

As an artist, Sheila Klein has been “making this out of that” for more than 40 years. She has always bypassed convention, finding new ways to use old materials and new materials to express ancient concepts. Much of Klein’s aesthetic can be traced back to her early interest in the sculptural and architectural aspects of jewelry.

Her artwork ranges from the intimate to the monumental, is exhibited and collected internationally, and has been extensively documented and reviewed. Her work often addresses issues of transformation, enabling the viewer to re-experience the environment through the lens of her vision.

Through her art, Sheila Klein dresses the world.

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