It's like wearing a vacation.

Versatile, stylish, packable and cozy on the body.

Human-made in Bow, Washington, USA, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

100% cotton, unbleached, minimal waste, garment-washed.

New Trade Route clothing: exquisitely handcrafted.

Wear it.

“I LOVE my New Trade Route pieces. When you find that original piece that is versatile, comfortable and beautifully made it must be added to the mix. Wardrobe staples that are never boring and somehow always fresh and at the same time classic and timeless.” -Clara Senger

"I simply cannot count how many times people stop me wherever I am, NYC, PNW, India & comment on my New Trade Route garments, it is many times over... Thank you for creating such lovely pieces. I will need another, perhaps on my next excursion to Edison. It is the PERFECT travel attire for many climates." -Victoria Gilligan

"I just love the Boatneck and have worn it four times-in five days. So comfortable and versatile, just lovely." -Laura Breckinridge