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Physical conversation 2014
Punch Gallery Seattle, Washington
Sheila Klein and Ries Niemi are self taught. They have been together a long time and each have their own careers making art. They share inspirations, ideas, mediums, techniques, children, and dinner. Back to back they launch themselves into different directions. The universe is infinite, their relationship is at the center point, and art shoots off in every direction. Inevitably there are both similarities and big differences in their work.

In their second collaborative exhibition at PUNCH, they have physically constructed the words they are speaking to each other and to the world. Much of the work was made or conceived while in their self imposed exile in Buenos Aires.

Klein has selected some recent works in textiles that form vignettes comprised of crocheted architecture and dark doilies. She has recently installed four bronze sculptures on Bell St. in Seattle. Currently working on civic projects in Baltimore, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina; Tukwila, Washington; and an artist initiated global project Tabernacle.

Niemi's works are clusters of embroidery, metal, paint, and text that are solidifying into books. He is working on a sculpture for Oak Harbor High School and a steel ping pong table