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Malba 2017
The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires
One of the aspects that interests me about New Trade Route is the idea of selling in the street. Spreading a blanket, sitting on the ground, making an arrangement with the space and offering my clothing. Artists often put themselves in odd situations. This allows the opportunity for conversations about cloth, transformation, values, perception, economy, and also is a direct link to user experience which is very satisfying. It is also about public and private space.

On Thursday, February 23, 2017 in the late afternoon I went to Malba Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires Malba prepared to sit on the plaza and perform as a vendedor ambulante or peddler. It was short lived but very interesting. People were immediately attracted, wanting to check it out and try on clothes. First, I was asked to leave by the museum security. They said I was welcome to attend the opening but could not vend in their private plaza. I had many interested people, so I moved to the side walk in front. I was speaking with two gentleman when the city police came to ask me to leave, as I was on public property. These men had a lively discussion with the policemen in my defense stating "she is an artist, and it is public property," as well as many other things regarding my presence there.

I went home.