Gallery One Visual Arts Center
Ellensburg, Washington

sheila and jasmine

I asked my friend Artist/Educator Jasmine Valandani to help me select the work for this show and to write a few sentences

Sheila Klein’s work intertwines the realms of textile and architecture, bringing together the domestic, erotic, and transcendent. Softening grids and hooking texts, the thinking hands of the artist bridge the tactile and the conceptual, creating structures to house language and patterns to release thought: I know I know I know let go. O’s and X’s echo the crochet loops and knots, a haptic language of pleasure, enmeshed in the making of it.

On exhibition at Gallery One April 3-25, 2015




X Marks the Spot 2015

Filet cotton 26" x 26"


XX Female Chromosome

Filet cotton 26" x 26"

any place

Any Place 2014

Filet linen 36" x 24"

hindu grid

Hindu Grid

Cotton 32" x 23"
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