2005 - 2006
Housedress, 2005

Dance Apron, 2005

Dress, 2006

PaperDollDress, 2006

Polynesian Pinafore, 2008

Preponderance of the Small, 2005

Vestament, 2006

Trunks, 2006

In fall 2007 the county Klein lives in requested that she loan them a piece of her field for a temporary road to divert traffic for a maintenance project. In October they built the small half circle lane in her field replete with orange cones, reflectors and roadway signs. Inspired to respond, Klein found it to be a perfect setting for a runway show of Other Clothing works that have a relationship to ethnographic souvenirs, such as a mask or costume. Enlisting her friends to do a runway show on this mini-road using these wearable sculptures, they rehearsed at her studio and proceeded around the corner to film a few takes, attracting the attention of a few neighbors in the process.

Polynesian Pinafore, 2008, textile worn by Marlo Flee

Vestment, 2006, worn by David Blakesly

Trunks, 2006, worn by Iris Collinge

n and out apron, 2006, worn by Kelly Fleek

Preponderance of the Small, 2005, worn by Carl Smool

PaperDollDress, 2006, worn by Sarah Phillips

Dress, 2006, worn by Samara Fleek

Dance Apron, 2005, worn by Charles Atkinson