Destination 2012

Nylon mesh drapes, curtain rods 9' x 10' x 15'

Destination is an interactive sculpture about paths and journeys, aisles and entrances, color and mutability. Consisting of a series of manually operated layers of curtains, the viewer determines what is revealed or concealed.This sculpture describes volume without weight. The curtains, made from a nylon mesh fabric create a set or labyrinth. Entrances and exits, passages and corridors allow individuals to move through them in a non-linear but progressive fashion. The viewer determines how active or passive the piece is by interweaving three dimensions.The drapes form blocks of color and create moirés patterns that echo 2-dimensional art.

The viewers are invited to experiment with the piece by changing the position of each curtain layer. A small cell is formed by four walls of curtains in the center. It can be open like a pavilion or closed like a chamber. The work is theatrical and domestic as well as minimal and baroque. The series of curtains are soft and ephemeral and define volume and presence.The viewer determines the placement of the layers in the room making a mutable journey through the piece.

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